Even though my Inner Critic is now touring Provence, I still find myself surrounded by criticism. That's because I finally received the critiques from one of the contests I entered this summer. ;)

It's all good; I'm still breathing. Constructive feedback is a gift. Now that gift rage exists (see my post from yesterday), I will take a moment to thank any and every judge who filled out a scoresheet for H&B. :::pauses a moment for effect:::

All I meant to do was print out the scoresheets so that I'd be able to review them at a later date. Seriously. It was just a spooky coincidence that I grabbed the warm pages from the printer and proceeded to read them before the ink was barely dry. ;)

Where everyone has the same opinion, I'm cool. In fact, most of those things I've already revised in the fourth or sixty-sixth draft. ;)

Thank goodness I took out the cast of thousands and all those restaurant scenes like my lovely betas suggested...no, demanded.

Then there are the yins and yangs of counsel and concern. The wangs and the chungs. One hates this while the other wants more of it. Some LOL while others don't get the punchline. Each comment brings about an over-the-top reaction like those from Sally Field ("You really like me!") to Greta Garbo ("I vant to be alone").

I'm tempted to keep score. There's no need to though, because they already did. Le sigh.

And the best part of all?

I can use all of this to make the novel even better. Just not today. Or even this month.