Am I ever glad to see the back end of November head out the door. It was a month filled with deadlines, expectations and a heinous workload.

Too bad December appears to be much of the same. At least there are some neat parties and events to attend. ;)

In one short month I plan to have the first draft of my current WIP completed, which I know will be a very, very rough one. I may borrow Mike's "scene snapshot" placeholders if things get sticky as the end of the month draws near. ;) Let me put it this way: I have 40,000 words to go. ACK!

So that means I have to practice what I preach and get my butt in the chair, nose to the grindstone and all that. Good things come to those who don't wait, truth be told. I'll save the waiting for next year. ;)

In the meantime, here's a photo Michelle took of Zaphod in early October:

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