There I was, all caught up in the throes of Nano and holiday party invitations when I felt a wee niggle in the corner of my mind. Something about RWA...a contest of some sorts.

The Golden Heart contest deadline is fast approaching. Much faster than I anticipated. Eek!

You see, this year I promised myself that I wouldn't stay up 36 hours straight working on my manuscript until the final FedEx deadline and then spend a gazillion dollars shipping it by super-duper-fast-isn't-there-yet-already delivery. This year I was gonna totally plan ahead.


So today, during a quiet moment when I really wanted to avoid working on anything at all, I decided to figure out how long it would take to send my entry by regular mail or by expedited delivery. The verdict? Regular takes 7-9 days, expedited is 3-5. Remember folks, I'm in Canada: a place where everything takes longer, including the arrival of spring.

Whipping out my handy Tasmanian Devil pocket calendar, I took a look at the due date of December 3 and started working backwards.

Then I freaked out.

Why? Because I need everything to be ready NOW. Pronto. Stat. Not that H&B isn't fabulous already. It is, it really is. I just wanna give it one last look before it heads down to Texas. Okay, maybe two looks...and a synopsis polish...

Guess I know what I'll be doing over the weekend. ;)

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