Although I'm sure that every self-help book author out there will crucify me for doing this, I must reveal a few secrets to achieving your dreams.

This is heady stuff, so please take a moment to gather your thoughts, grab a coffee and settle back into that desk chair before we get started. Are you feeling all tingly with excitement? Me too, but I think it might be windburn. ;)

Success Secret #1: Try
Whoa! I know, call me crazy, but the people who succeed at stuff actually try to do it. And it's amazing how the more you try, the more you likely you are to succeed. It appears that the only guarantee out there is the 0% success rate accomplished by those who don't try at all. Huh.

Tip #1 Master: William Hung

Success Secret #2: Ask
While this may seem similar to the previous secret, it's not. Asking involves other people -- and even someone doing a solo hike up Mount Everest needs help from others along the way. You know, like asking for directions or where to find the best heat-retaining underwear.

This also applies to the "asking the universe" theory promoted by The Secret. (Did you see that coincidence in my topic and the book title? Freaky.) If you put it out there, the universe will respond. I've experienced it and so have a lot of people. It's a cool thing to try for yourself. Be sure ot let me know what happens.

Tip #2 Masters: There are too many to mention by name. Think Olympic athletes, great writers, actors, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, good cats though. They work alone.

Success Secret #3: Love It
If you're not doing something that you love to do, you're going to feel burnt, beaten and lose your chance at being a hit at parties. Sure, that's easy for the coupon lady to say, right? Don't you worry secret-seekers, I have done my fair share of working at jobs that felt like being surrounded by Harry Potter's Dementors.

Unfortunately, bills need to get paid. And sometimes doing what you love doesn't generate any income for a while. So what is a fabulous person with a dream to do?

Start small. Go after your dreams on a time frame that works with your current schedule. Just remember that the more you are able to work at it, the faster you'll begin to see some results.

So dedicate the time you can for now and then do yourself a favor and increase your efforts after a few months. See if there's something in your jam-packed schedule that can be handed over to someone else or taken completely off the list. Still feeling that you don't have enough time? Consider making your day job part time. A lot of writers I know have done that successfully before taking the "writing full time" plunge.

Tip #3 Masters: Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Margaret Mitchell...whaddya know? They're all women! Girl power at its best. ;)

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