I couldn't help myself; I just had to watch the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice to see how bad things really are in the world.

As much as I hate to admit it, I thrilled in seeing all of these "celebrities" thrown in the ring together. And you've gotta love Omarosa for trying to continue her plan to become the biggest b-list bi-atch in the universe. Too bad Carol Alt just might peel her face off when she's not looking next week.

In this episode, selling hot dogs was the goal...or was it? I think it might have been "public humiliation" or "figure out that the same rules don't apply for celebrities" as Gene Simmons immediately pulled out his phone and started inviting his wealthy friends to catch a flight to NYC to pay $5K for a hot dog. Mustard was extra.

The women, bless their hearts, tried to convince Omarosa that using their celebrity status just might help them raise money...since they can't walk around naked. Unfortunately the evil project manager didn't get that standard business practices wouldn't work for people who were used to having assistants and PR people. Oh, life must be real hard for those gals.

While the bitching was fun to watch, I have a strong suspicion that this new Apprentice format is going to get real tired by episode 3. This show may end up being called "Phone A Friend" if every challenge involves raising money and we watch as these celebs run out of people to call.

Poor Playmate of the Year Tiffany was "saving her call to the Hef for a bigger challenge." Too bad she was the first one fired. :::wipes away a tear:::

Can't wait until next week!