Oh, it's a hard time to be a Cancerian right now. Why? Because we're too attached to the past and the prospect of a new year just makes us want to hold onto the old one for a little longer...like another year or two. ;)

Don't get me wrong. I think 2008 is going to be a stellar year. It's just that times like this -- when I can't find all the stuff I hid in the basement and the spare bedroom before the relatives came over on Christmas Day and I haven't had a proper night's sleep since Thanksgiving -- that I start to panic.

I'm just not ready for 2008 yet.

And I totally know why: 2008 is the year that I'm "in it to win it." Not just with contests that have cool prizes like trips to NYC and LCD TVs -- I'm talking about going after the things that I really want: an agent, more lucrative writing gigs...and a better boss.

The latter is a total necessity. My current boss is a total workaholic and spends so much time getting me to work on everyone else's stuff that I barely have time to think about my current WIP, let alone get those five pages a day done like I planned.

And yes, the evil boss that I'm referring to is myself. Le sigh.

SO I thought I'd write up a little want ad to help me stay focused and give myself the break I need:

Wanted: A Better Boss
Multitasking writer requires a supervisor to steer the ship, spot the opportunities on the horizon and let the pool boys know when to bring over the frozen dacquiris. A sense of humor and the ability to negotiate with a lunatic wearing tin foil are essential. Eye patch optional.

Yeah, that's perfect for craigslist. ;)

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