I said BRR, it's cold up here, there must be some Canucks in the atmosphere...

Sorry, I was just channelling my inner cheerleader while trying to keep warm during this bitterly cold Canadian winter day. ;) At least I was able to exercise yesterday by helping the DH with some major shovelling. It was the heavy, packing-into-ice stuff too. Arg.

And, I must admit, I found myself watching the 20-minute intro to The Secret yesterday. Even though I'd read the book, it appears that I forgot about the first step in the Laws of Attraction: sending out those good vibes.

Heck, I was in the running for being the poster child for negativity. A day couldn't go by without me finding something to complain about or shake my fist at.

At first, I tried to blame everything on the writers' strike and then the lack of produce in my new fridge before I finally discovered that everything seemed to stem from one point: me.

So I decided to shake things up and see if watching even a snippet of this powerful film could change my life. How could a girl resist? The Secret seems to have worked for a ton of people, why not give it a try?

Click here if you haven't seen it yet. (Thanks to Michelle for sharing it.)

I watched. Then I watched it again. And a lot of it made sense. Especially the part about how negative thoughts can lead to negative stuff happening to you...or increase the amount of bad stuff coming your way.

One area where I could certainly use the Laws of Attraction is in the querying process. Whether for articles or books, you have to possess the belief that someone out there wants your stuff. It would be really tragic if you were going through all that effort if you thought your work wasn't worthy. Sure, negative thoughts are bound to creep in when your queries receive a rejection or that wall of silence that can drive a writer crazy, but you don't have to think that way all the time.

:::straightens shoulders and flips hair back like she means business:::

So I shall endeavor to make The Secret work for me, even if it means being a drive-me-up-the-wall-with-happiness-and-light type of person. ;)

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