It appears that a ton of people that I offered to help in some way or another last year are now taking me up on that offer. Not that I mind, really. I just find it hilarious that they all decided to hit me up in the second week of January.

And if you were thinking of asking me for something this week, too stinkin' bad! Or just wait until February. ;)

Now, for some, these requests are expected, as I offered to help friends and family members when we saw each other at holiday gatherings. The few that make me shake my head are the ones who haven't mentioned anything for six months and are now ready to move forward with whatever it was I was going to help them with.

Just know that, whatever these things are -- résumé resurrection to portfolio pondering to giving something a read -- they all require undivided attention. Therefore they can't be combined with watching Celebrity Apprentice or my Melrose Place DVDs. And my undivided attention is something that's pretty darn scarce for me during the second week of January.

:::gulps at the thought of the four articles due and the workshop on Saturday:::

Luckily most of these favour-askers aren't on a tight schedule. Of course, I don't think any of them would appreciate me taking six months to look at a résumé or read something they want to start submitting. ;)

The best part is that I find all of these things fun to do. Now if only I had the time to do them. Le sigh.