I've had it up the ying-yang with inspiration lately. Of course, it's my own darn fault because I sign up to receive daily bursts of inspiration through newsletters and visiting cool websites that can usually turn my crappy thoughts into happy thoughts.

Obviously today isn't one of those days. ;)

But I love my personal take on "dance like no one's watching." Who wouldn't love to "eat like no one's watching"? Because there's no better feeling than being left alone in a room with a bag of Double Stuf Oreos or a tub of ice cream.

Can you tell I'm trying to eat healthy? Fiber is not my friend, as much as it tries to be.

The good news is that I'm making significant progress on the WIP. Turns out that plotting can really help a writer figure out how to get through a slumpy middle. ;) And my poor heroine has been through so much, I can't wait until she finds out how totally screwed up things are going to get before the happily ever after. Mwahahaha.

And the end of this month is just around the corner, which means that there are only about 17 months of winter left. Okay, maybe only 16. ;)

Only five more months until the RWA Conference...

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