I've been a little scarce with my blog posts and comments lately. It's a combination of my fear of emptying the bucket of words and a heavy-duty workload. Of course, it would sound a lot better if I said I was hiding from the paparazzi, but then I'd have to fess up to my celebrity status and invite everyone over for a big star-studded bash on Oscar night. ;)

Seriously though, I've been working like a demon. A demon pirate actually. Arg! Typing away so much that my fingers are aching at the end of the day. If all these fabulous words were landing in my WIP, I'd be ecstatic, but I need to share them with some magazine articles, ads and query letters. Le sigh.

Oh, and our horrid Canadian weather is enough to keep me indoors until May. I'm not sure why I keep on forgetting how nasty it can get this time of year, but the idea of wintering in a warmer made-for-paper-umbrellas climate is definitely gaining its appeal.

So I must warn you that I may be in hiding for a little while longer as I struggle to meet a deadline on one project and blast through to complete my current WIP. And, just so you can see how Zaphod is doing, here's his headshot:

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