It's been one of those days in BonnieLand where common sense or previously learned lessons seem to have been thrown out the window. And yes, I include myself along with all the other people this snarky blog post is aimed at. ;)

You see, sometimes we all need to reach for what I call the Anvil of Knowledge and bang our heads against it repeatedly until:

A) We get a clue.

B) Someone steps forward just in time to stop us and offer a hug or chocolate.

C) We lose consciousness.


D) Wisdom strikes and we donate our anvils to a fraternity house. They'll have fun with them, I'm sure. ;)

Don't get me wrong: the Anvil of Knowledge has its purpose. And I really could have used it on Sunday when I backed out of doing a strenuous physical activity (ju-jitsu -- stop laughing, it's true) and then, out of self-induced peer pressure, rejoined the melee.

I ended up spraining my right ankle badly enough to have the DH set up my sleeping arrangements on the main floor as stairs were an impossible obstacle. I'm taking a chance and sleeping upstairs tonight, as Zaphod really likes the couch and tends to chew on my face while I sleep on his bed.

Gotta love the Kitten of Mass Destruction.

Okay, and if the ju-jitsu fiasco wasn't bad enough, I let my guard down again on a repetitive-stress client who, you guessed it, served me up with some repetitive stress. ;) Fortunately there is a bit of light at the end of this particular tunnel -- and I can use all the details in a made-for-TV movie starring Lindsay Lohan or Nick Nolte, whoever isn't in jail or rehab when the time comes.

How about you? Do you have a need for a slightly used Anvil of Knowledge?

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