Happy VD everyone! Share the love, not the cooties!

Mother Nature is not my friend at the moment. She's placed significant amounts of ice in my way, making walking anywhere a pain -- and it's totally not helping with the wrecked ankle and pulled tendon. Ouch.

But enough about my bum leg. My reference to slip sliding away is how I feel my time has been going lately. Sure, I'm sitting at the keyboard and getting stuff done, but it seems to be taking me a lot longer than before to hammer out a page, an article or a query letter.

Maybe this is one of those lack-of-daylight-cause-its-winter things. Or maybe I'm slowing down in my (gasp) old age.

:::wipes away a tear gently so as not to strain the delicate skin around my eyes:::

Or perhaps things always took this long, but I never realized it before. Shoot, if that's the case, I really need to be careful about how I pile on the projects. Seriously, I'm breaking into a sweat just thinking about what I have left to do this month.

And for those in the province of Ontario, Monday is a holiday. It's Family Day -- our first one ever -- and despite the lame name (I was hoping for Rock On Day or What Would Madonna Do Day), it's a much-needed break for those on the 9-5 train. For me, it doesn't change anything since I'll still be sitting at the computer, staring at the screen until my forehead bleeds again. ;)

So tell me, are you findng yourself in a February slowdown?

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