I'm battling a cold that's totally knocked the wind out of my sails, zapped my batteries and every other cliche about feeling about as lively as a rungless ladder. Ugh.

I've been trying to sleep through most of it, but
  • the kitten needs to be entertained,
  • I really should eat, and
  • there's a ton of work that needs to get done!
So I've been reducing (not leaving the house), reusing (wearing the same yoga pants for five days straight) and recycling (all those spent tissues are in the composter) to celebrate Earth Day. Okay, maybe not intentionally, but that's how I'm labelling it for the press. ;)

Today my goal is to step outside and attempt to rake my lawn. All of my control-freak neighbors have already raked, seeded, aerated, weeded and spray-painted their lawns so they look lush and green enough for Tiger Woods to play on. That's okay, I'll just tell Tiger my landscaping was influenced by divots.

Oh, you know I'm not feeling well when I resort to golf humor. (Sorry Dad.)

How do you plan on celebrating Earth Day?

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