It's been a wild week over here in BonnieLand. A lot of stuff is getting accomplished, but there are still a few to-do's that are patiently waiting to get done. And I really can't afford to let another month slip through my fingers before I check them off the list.

So I asked a few sober friends what I should do about it. Most of them, after asking why I was holding off on serving up the daiquiris, suggested I keep my eye on the prize.

"But this isn't a contest," I said. "I just want to outline my next book."

"That's the prize," Oprah* replied before finishing off the seven-layer dip using only one nacho.

"Huh?" Clearly there was something missing for me, besides the dip.

Oprah sipped at her water before she gave me one of her "I have all the answers" smiles. "If it's something you really want to do, getting it done is your reward."

The rest of the group -- Ellen*, Dr. Phil*, Tyra* and Sawyer* -- agreed. Well, I'm not sure if Sawyer agreed with them or not, he just winked at me and looked hawt.

"But I want new shoes," I whined. "That was gonna be my reward."

Dr. Phil cleared his throat. "Bonnie, you've gotta get out of the shoe store and over to the outline store."

"Whoa, there's a store for book outlines?"

He shook his head. "It was just one of my annoying sayings. Can we get those drinks now?"

Hmm. Can getting the job done actually be enough of a reward in itself? It's worked for me before...but what about those shoes? Maybe I should just work on my outline and see what happens. You never know.

* wouldn't it be cool to have all of those people over for a meeting. Heck, they don't all have to be there at the same time or anything. ;)

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