I did something really crazy yesterday: I stayed offline. Almost all day.

The main reason was because I had a project due today that I know required my full attention, and trying to write while blogging, checking email and entering contests does not make for strategic, solutions-focused copy.

Yeah, it was one of those types of projects -- no limericks allowed. ;)

And, despite the shakes that hit me by mid-afternoon, I was doing okay. Moved along at a fairly steady clip and everything. By dinnertime I wondered what would happen if I tried to work on my next novel this way.

Of course, part of me shouted out, "Whaddya mean, no Internet? Me needs Internet. The precious, my precious..." and then scurried off into the spare bedroom on all fours.

The rest of me considered what taking on such a quest could do for my word count. Would disconnecting with cyber space really get me to write faster? Or would I find some other way to procrastinate, like laundry or limbo dancing?

:::searches house for long strips of bamboo and comes up empty:::

What do you think? Is the Internet your friend or foe when it comes to getting things done?

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