Okay, I'm feeling much better. So much so that I actually worked out with my personal trainer today. Thank goodness she took it easy on me or I don't think I'd have been able to negotiate the bus ride home. ;)

Now that I can think clearly, I've noticed that my tendency to allow things to pile up has reached new heights. Yes, the pun is totally intended. There's stuff all over the place. Neat stuff. Old stuff. Wearable stuff. Readable stuff. Stuff I don't even remember owning.

There's even stuff with expiry dates, like coupons and cold medications.

So today I decided to rise above these distractions and gave myself half an hour to sort through as much stuff as I could, kind of like on Clean Sweep, that clutter-busting show I love on TLC.

The result? I found the coffee table, and filled a recycling bin with stuff that I'd hung onto for so long it had legwarmers on it. ;)

As a woman who hangs onto every single piece of paper that enters my home, I call that progress.

What's your worst clutter habit?

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