To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I was going to do this post in Spanish, but the closest I could come to that was playing the Tijuana Brass in the background. ;)

The show that I'm a part of, Stuck, airs in just over a week (May 14, 9:30 p.m., W Network) and the press coverage is slowly building. Of course, it appears that every other cast member is being interviewed. The producer assures me that it's just a coincidence and not that I scare people.

Hmm, we'll see.

But for those who are interested, there's an article on the show appearing in the Globe and Mail on Friday and we're the cover story for the Toronto Star's Starweek magazine, which comes out on Saturday. Squee!

For information about the show, visit

We're still shooting the last few episodes so things have been kind of, how you say, CRAZY! Yesterday was a 12-hour day -- with no time for napping. Le sigh.

Of course, I have to keep in mind that this time next month the film crew and entourage will suddenly disappear, along with the wind machine and chocolate fountain. No, hang on, I'll keep the chocolate fountain. ;)

And I guess a little part of me (my liver) is kind of nervous about how it'll all turn out in the editing. Already labelled as a "gym loser" who is haunted by being picked last in high school gym class, I wonder what else I may have said that will reveal to the world that I'm either unstable or just someone too freaky for reality.

Then I remember that dying from embarrassment isn't possible: I've tested that theory many, many times before.

In other news, writing is going well. Magazine article assignments are landing in my inbox and I placed in the top quarter of scores for the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award for The Hot and the Bothered, which is an improvement from the previous year, so all those revisions appear to have worked.

Now I just need to sell it. ;)

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