Question: Why is it okay for people to write love songs and not okay for people to write books about love?

I don't get it. Romance novels continue to be trashed by literary (or "litterary") types, yet they probably own at least one love song -- and listen to it over and over again.

And why do people listen to love songs? To feel good. And why do people read romance novels? To feel good.

So what makes one so wrong and the other something to be celebrated? Did I miss the memo or something? All of this stems from a conversation I had with an acquaintance about going to the RWA convention in San Fran. She asked what RWA stood for, so I told her:

BONNIE: The Romance Writers of America.


BONNIE: Is that a problem for you?

DUMBASS: Oh no, I just didn't think you wrote romances. I thought you wrote funny stuff.

BONNIE: I do. Love can be totally hilarious.

DUMBASS: Yeah, well, you know what I mean.

BONNIE: No, I don't.

DUMBASS: Well, romances are nice and all, but don't you want to write a real book?

BONNIE: Pardon me?

And then I kicked her in the head.

Okay, I didn't. But I wanted to. Seriously. Next time someone tries to tell me that romance novels aren't "real," I'll ask them if they feel we should take Sir Elton John's knighthood away. Just because he wasted his time working on "those types of songs."


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