There I was, all happy to finally get a sports bra, and Nicole shows up to beach volleyball in a string bikini. ;)

There was a lot of stuff in this episode, which really captures all that was going on with us at that point. We revisited yoga and did some upside-down moves that totally freaked me out -- but I managed to accomplish my first pseudo-headstand in about 35 years, so that was pretty darn cool.

Now, in the show, it looks like Maxine never lets her gorgeous dog into the house. But on the day of shooting, her dog rolled around in something stinky so Max had to give him a bath before she could do anything else. At first, she thought one of the crew had stepped in something, but her dog was the culprit. Poor puppy!

And, off screen, Mary and I went out for lunch to talk about the whole "duct tape" thing. Luckily we were both able to laugh at it and some other supremely embarrassing things I've done. (Hey, Mary's got good stories too!) 

She really opened my eyes to how much the loss of her brother has impacted the way she approaches things -- and I think I revealed how being an only child puts things in a different perspective for me.

Speaking of only children, Mary invited me up to her place so that we could hang out with her daughter, Ariyena. She's such a cutie-pie and had the best little fairy princess slippers! If only they came in my size. She was a little chatterbox until the cameras started rolling. LOL

And when I heard about all the activities Ariyena does, I felt exhausted -- then Mary told me about the other ones that she' taken her out of! Ohmigawd, how much can a five-year-old squeeze into a day?

Then again, my folks kept me pretty darn busy too with Brownies, jazz lessons (okay, I didn't do so good at those ones and may have dropped out), outings to the park, checking out garage sales...and then I switched to eating brownies, listening to jazz, parking my butt on the couch and checking out garage sales!

This episode was also the first time that Nicole cried. I think the crew placed bets on how long it would take her to crack under the uber-emotional pressure. Well done Nicole -- you held out longer than the rest of us!

And yes, that's me with the waterworks talking about the obstacle course -- the final physical challenge we taped for the show. My arms and legs still hurt just thinking about it. 

Stay tuned!

THIS JUST IN: Wanna get a full Stuck fix? Then tune in to W Network on Monday, August 4 for a Stuck marathon! Please check your local listings. They'll be broadcasting episodes 1-12 to prepare everyone for the grand finale, Episode 13, being shown on August 6.