The good news: I'm going to be on a science-based quiz show!

The bad news: I'm going to be on a science-based quiz show. LOL

Can you freaking believe it? I, Bonnie Staring, a woman who figured out a way to stop taking science classes after Grade 9, will be a contestant on Discovery Channel Canada's new game show, Qubit.


As I've said many a time before, it can happen people, all ya gotta do is:

1) Show up,
2) Be enthusiastic,


3) Know what color a polar bear's skin is (it's black, by the way).

Of course, they may not broadcast my episode once they tape it, for fear of giving all things scientific a bad name. As with the written test I had to do before qualifying for the "on-camera" round, there are some questions that made me scratch my head and wish I was on So You Think You Can Dance.

Not dancing, mind you, and probably not thinking either. ;)

Turns out there are some scientific concepts that aren't covered in everyday life. Well, maybe they are, but I just don't know the correct terms to describe them. ;)

So now, while I'm putting the finishing touches (finally) on my current novel, I'll also have to sharpen my science skills. Or at least find them.

Can an aspiring romance author win big on a science-based game show? Stay tuned!

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