Yes, it's true.

After writing 53 articles for, I've decided to pack it in.

Here's the link to my last article.

And yes, I could have worked harder at building a readership (and increasing my revenue), but I have other things on my must-do list that take priority. You know, like getting the novels done, spending quality time with friends, family and the kitten of mass destruction, and working on those goals for 2010.

While Examiner provides an excellent opportunity for those who want to build a platform, I couldn't rationalize spending time creating five articles a week for pennies. As one friend gently reminded me, I do enough articles for free already. ;)

Sure, eventually I would have had a gazillion followers and then I'd be rolling in the dough -- but then I'd have to keep coming up with articles on a topic that left me feeling drained after only two months.

So cal me a quitter if you wanna, I don't mind at all. ;)

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