Waving hello to all the attendees headed to RWA National. Le sigh. Couldn't make it down there this year, but plan on attending in 2011.

Before I joined the Romance Writers of America, I had no idea about how authors got other authors to give quotes about a novel, let alone paid much attention to the ones that appeared on the cover or on the inside front and back pages.

A conversation with Michelle Rowen got me thinking about what happens to the cover quotes that publishers would never use. You know, the ones like:

"Couldn't put this book down -- it was covered in crazy glue."

"Stuff happened. Then it ended."

"I loved it, okay? Now put the gun down."

"Everyone died. Kidding!"

"This got printed?"

"I loved it. Oh, hang on, I think that was the other ARC I read."

"If this makes it to the NYT list, I'll eat my socks."

Of course, we'll never know if any of these really ever happened, but it's fun to imagine. ;)

My WIP is at a standstill while I allow the rewrite to simmer and I work through the TBR pile.

How about you? Read any fantabulous books lately?

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