In case you've been on the cast of Lost, Nelly Furtado has a new album, featuring a hit single that I can't get out of my head: Promiscuous Girl. Heck, she even performed it on last week's So You Think You Can Dance results show!

So I've downloaded the track and rewritten the chorus for you all to enjoy:

Fastidious girl
Wherever you are
I'm so alone
Help me detail my car

Unscrupulous boy
You already know
That I’m not your
Sweet housekeeping 'ho

Fastidious girl
You're teasing me
I've brought Armor All
And a thing of Febreeze

Unscrupulous boy
You're messing my joint
It's taking a toll
You're not ready

Now that's a ghetto fabulous groove that I can live with. Represent.