Today was the first weekday in ages when, with the exception of a dentist appointment, I didn't have to be anywhere. Not at an office. Or on the phone. Or at the computer. Sweet.

So I took full advantage of this rare opportunity to deal with the piles. Over the past few months, I've created a few areas in my home where piling stuff on top of other stuff is perfectly acceptable. I even chose locations that aren't exposed to drafts so the crap wouldn't blow all over the place if I opened a window.

The blame was placed solely on the WIP. Then I completed Draft 1. When no one mentioned anything, I thought the piles could continue for a while until the revisions were done.

It was fine until last Friday, when I had to find something for the magazine article that will change my life. At least I remembered which pile I had put it on. It only took me about ten minutes to find it, which was lucky. The DH had already dashed off on an "errand" as soon as the search began. He's witnessed a few too many PPS (prolonged pile search) incidents and knows better than to be at the scene of the crime when things don't work out. Yeah, he's a very smart man.

Facing two of the most heinous piles of stuff, I tackled them. In about the same amount of time it takes me to find one piece of paper. I even had enough time left over to start reading a fabulous new book. Life is good.

Tomorrow I'll work on those articles and queries, I promise!