Had a meeting with a prospective client today. (Gotta love referrals.) Although most of the work would be done online, she wanted us to meet in person just to make sure I wasn't a serial killer, fashion victim or both.

Too bad her address was to the left of Out There, just past Way Beyond. Well, by public transit standards anyway.

I checked MapQuest and the Toronto Transit Commission site to see which route would be the best to take. Now I know that the TTC has never conducted any usability testing on their site, I felt even more lost after being there. With no sign of Sawyer in a bus driver uniform. :::sighs:::

So I took a cab out there and planned to figure out a way back somehow. Getting there was the priority. If I needed to carry some food and water with me, so be it.

After a very successful meeting, I asked the nice gentleman at the security desk in the lobby if there was a bus stop that headed back to the city nearby. Lucky for me, it was a few steps down the street.

After only two minutes, I had a great seat next to the window. Then the tour of the city began.

It was just like those morose public transit scenes you see in movies all the time. One of my favourites is Tony on the NYC subway in Saturday Night Fever while How Deep Is Your Love is playing. It's when the hero/heroine stares as the landscape passes by, the sun setting further in the west, the odd drop of rain hitting the glass.

Okay, it was 11:30 a.m., but I was feeling like it would be a long time before I'd see my home and DH again. ;)

Too bad I didn't have the last few pages of Suds with me, I could have finished off the offline edits in that hour and a half.

The benefits of living in a huge city just keep adding up.