Just when I thought life couldn't be exciting enough, they were handing out free bagels in the subway station this morning from Dempsters. All hermetically sealed and packaged with jam or peanut butter and a little spreading knife.

I was pretty darn happy to get something for nothing (the coupon queen reigns again) until I noticed that if I ate it all in one sitting, I'd consume over 600 calories and 60 carbs. Which is about 1/3 more than I really should.

But I ate it anyway and upped the insulin dose. No big.

Except now I kind of feel like I've had a Thanksgiving dinner and my eyelids keep on wanting to park themselves closed. Not good when I have eight hours of proofing and editing to do.

Add in that I had to read up on restrictive versus unrestrictive clauses this morning and it's as though I'm having the party of the century right here at my desk. All we need is a pinata!

The audition went well yesterday, but I'm not expecting much. It's for a web-based show on aging and beauty. There were a lot of us there who were approaching or had vaulted over the big 4-0. Some more elegantly than others.

It's funny, but I don't feel old until I'm standing next to a 20 year-old. In my mind I'm still about 23 - even when I have my fat pants on.

How do you feel about getting older?