Just in case you didn't know, and because I promised Mike ages ago that I'd put up photos, I was on a show called Style By Jury back in 2005.

It was a lot of fun, since I am a media whore and take every opportunity to get myself on the small screen, no matter how embarrassing the results may be.

On Style By Jury, women "applying to be on a makeover show" are put in front of a one-way mirror where a group of evil people make nasty comments about their current appearance. Then, just when the unsuspecting woman has revealed to the host her sad Cinderella story of why she feels she needs a makeover, they show her some clips of the worst comments.

It's enough to make someone cry...or want their home addresses so she can "thank them" personally. :::checks to ensure she has enough ammo before leaving:::

So they tell you that you're absolutely right about wanting a makeover, and offer to change your life through a new wardrobe (which they don't give you), hair, makeup and some "non-invasive" treatments. I ended up with some Botox, a lip enhancement, veneers and a haircut that made me look fabulous. They also took me to a really neat clothing store where I couldn't afford to buy anything.

And, in a case of the world being too small, Lara's sister helped me through the selection of really expensive designer duds.

The Botox was really cool as the DH could no longer gauge my mood since my forehead and eyebrows didn't move. It made him extremely nervous and he thanked the day when the wrinkles finally came back. I may do it again just to keep him on his toes. ;)

The lip enhancement hurt. A lot. I didn't care that my lips could enter the room 45 minutes before I did; I will never do that again.

The veneers are lovely...and they're mine to keep.

And my hair...if only I could afford to see my Francesco more than twice a year. I always feel like a million bucks for at least six weeks after each haircut/highlights. He's awesome, even if he does think so himself. ;)

And you can see the before and after photos here.