Dear Hollywood,

Is there a reason why, after a long dry summer and fall, you decided to bring out a whole bunch of terrific films all at once? To make things worse, you have your mitts full of other cool flicks scheduled to appear in the next few weeks.

This has got to stop.

I've never been one to catch films on an opening weekend, so I chose this weekend to attend two films that had been out for awhile (The Prestige and Stranger Than Fiction). Little did I know that a whole bunch of upset Casino Royale fans would be sent into the theatre with me, as all screenings of the new Bond flick were selling out an hour before their respective start times. Oh, and don't even go there with the ones denied the chance to see Borat during its second weekend on screen.

So I get to deal with long lines at the box office, concession stand and a theatre filled to the rafters, just because Bond and Borat fans can't plan ahead. They're cranky and tend to mutter to each other about the cruel twist of fate that forced them to see their third choice of film instead of the cool one they really wanted to see.

Lucky for you, they ended up buying a ticket and not going home with their tails between their legs. Of course, I get to sit beside them. And I don't know about you, but I'm really tired of people who don't care if you can hear their conversations, cell phones or candy wrappers.

So here's what I propose: an even distribution of movies that don't suck.

Could you please limit yourselves to opening just one great movie a weekend? This doesn't seem to be a problem the rest of the year, but gets out of hand during November and December.

If you could, I'd really appreciate it. Oh, and if you can do something about those candy wrappers that would be great too.