Ooh, this is very cool. Never been tagged before.

S William tagged me so now I have to tell you...

Five Little Known Facts
1. I went to high school with Eric McCormack of Will & Grace fame. He was four years ahead of me and we both performed in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. He was a lead character; I was in the chorus wearing a skull cap and moustache.

2. The sound of a vacuum cleaner turns me into a psychotic bi-atch. I think my mother tried to soothe me as a child by vacuumming. Why this would work I have no idea, since it only infuriates me to a point where the only thing that can calm me down is listening to Boney M.

3. I smoked for 20 years. I started when I was 4. ;) My quit day was December 6, 2001, and I haven't even been tempted to have another one ever since then. Amen.

4. I like peanut butter and carrot sandwiches.

5. I'm terrified of losing my eyesight. As I'm a diabetic, the odds are against me. This is another reason why I need to keep my ass in the chair and write everything that I can while I can still find the typos!

Now I tag KJ, Sara and Mike, you're all it!