This weekend away from the online universe has turned out to be an educational adventure. Here are just a few of the lessons I learned:

You're not hardcore, unless you live hardcore
Okay, I have that chorus from one of the songs on The School of Rock playing in my head. And it really helps when you're pulling up weeds with only one hand. It's waay hardcore.

Hard decisions are still hard
One of my reasons for staying offline was to make some decisions without being influenced by all the great blogs I read and websites like the Mystical Smoking Head of Bob that keep me from trying to find ways to make certain situations win-win instead of whine-whine.

The printed word still rocks
I've been devouring two month's worth of magazines (I subscribe to too many, it's an addiction) and a collection of poetry by Toronto writer Lorette C. Luzajic. It's delightful to fall in love with reading again and not feel guilty about taking the time to let the words soak in and hang out for a while.

I don't like Johnny Depp
While Michelle chastised me for not being hot after the master pirate himself, I must hold my head high in my belief that it's hard to be attracted to a man who wears eyeliner better than I do. But then that would rule out my feelings for Simon Le Bon (in the 80s. puh-leeeze) and Marty Casey of the Lovehammers. Oh, and maybe even Clay Aiken. :::ignores snickers:::

Freestyle dancing and wrist weights don't mix
Not that I'm a dance major or aerobics junkie, but I thought that shaking what my mama gave me to vintage Madonna could be made into an even better workout with the addition of wrist weights. That was until Vogue started playing. What are you looking at? Ow! My left temple!

All I can say is that I'm glad to be back, it's a scary world out there.