It's with trepidation that I'm writing this post, as my dear friend James underwent a heart transplant yesterday. Everyone is looking kind of odd with all of their fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed until we receive word that things are going to be perfectly wonderful.

Yeah, it's going to be a long couple of hours, days, months...and hopefully years.

James was one of the first people I met at a groovy communications company who "got me" immediately. Despite our obvious differences (he preferred wine, I preferred to whine), we shared control-freak attention to detail on projects, which made us glad to have each other around to double-check to make sure everything had been checked at least a gazillion times.

I wrote him a song parody of You're So Vain titled You're So James. I'd post it but it's riddled with inside jokes and some of the people named might sue me for slander.

We also laughed. A lot. Then the company we worked at went down the tubes and we both ventured off looking for new companies to control. Fast-forward six years, and we still gather to share laughter, odd stories and compare notes on how stupid we were to work that hard.

When James sent out the notice that he was on the waiting list for a heart, I asked for his blood type so I could make some "arrangements." Oddly enough, some of the names on our "suggested donor" lists were the same. ;)

So before I get all weepy or righteous, can everyone just do a me little favour and sign your organ donor card? Someone really cool might need a part of you in order to stick around for a while.

Peace out