Yesterday I was at the Toronto Romance Writers monthly meeting when something absolutely incredible happened: I held the first raffle ticket drawn for the wealth of cool prizes available! Woo hoo! This never happens to me, as I normally sit there coveting the wonderful books and other stuff up for grabs and watch everyone else win. ;)

But not yesterday. As soon as I realized it was my number that was drawn, I decided to put on the moves meant for an episode of Let's Make a Deal and totally owned the win. I hooted! I hollered! I high-fived people as I moved my way down to the front of the room. I grabbed Jude (who drew the ticket) and jumped around all over the place. I oohed and ahhed over the prizes and made my selection. Then I cheered on all the other winners.

It was exhausting, but totally fun.

And I guess I went kinda crazy (okay, normal for me, crazy for others) because, as a regular contest enterer (contestor), I normally find out I've won something when I check my email or open up my snail mail and no one else is around to witness it. Well, now there's Zaphod, and if the DH is home I'll prance around like a freak, but then he pulls out the camera. ;)

Yesterday -- with all my fellow romance writers there with their tickets clutched firmly in their hands, willing the universe to respond with their number -- it was like being at bingo again. Shoot, I haven't played in years, but all the excitement came rushing back when my number was called. My number! Squee! Only this time I wasn't playing for the jackpot but hey, a win's a win.

And it's really important to own every win that comes your way. To raise your hand high and claim it for all to see. Because when you accept it, you're letting the universe know that you're ready for more.

I know, I know, I'm bringing up the law of attraction without a permit, but I think it's true. You celebrate any win, no matter how small, and it'll attract more wins. Like locusts. Or used car salesmen.

This is when I clarify things a bit and say that the contests I'm entering all the time aren't writing ones -- they're the win a car, a trip, a stereo system know, those kinds of contests. The ones "they" say no one ever wins. Hah, they're lying!

I'm even a member of a contesting club: The T.O. Wanna Winners. Oh yeah, be very afraid. We're all in it to win it and compare contesting tips, encourage each other through dry spells and even warn others about contest scams and other freaky stuff. It's fun: we even have draws for prizes at meetings. How cool is that?

And how has entering contests helped me get any writing done this weekend? Uh, it hasn't, but I did win a music download and a red M3P player in the wee hours this morning.