Here's what happened. There I was, minding my own business at my client's office when I decided to take a wee break from editing and pop by a few blogs. Over at my contest club's blog, one of the members posted a note about an awesome event happening to promote the current mooing-milk-carton contest going on in Ontario right now.

If you get a carton of milk and it moos when you open it, you win a prize. You also get a coupon for the milk that wasn't in your carton. And yes, if you wanna know, the cartons are filled with water so you can't tell which ones have the moo-thingies in them. (I checked.)

So anyway, the moo-people were giving away for-sure for-sure mooing cartons to the first 100 people who showed up at Yonge-Dundas Square at 4:00 p.m. My client's office is just up the street from there, so I was in that elusive right place/right time zone.

I checked my watch: it was 3:35 p.m. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of a lifetime (the top prize is a car), I torpedoed out without my umbrella and raced the six or so blocks down Yonge Street. Past the meanderers and the punks. Past the baby strollers and the hot dog vendors.

The square was completely empty...except for the dude at the tourism info booth.

"Hey, isn't there a mooing carton thing going on here at 4?" I asked.

The guy looked up from his newspaper and rolled his eyes.

"There was. Yesterday."

So, somewhat drenched and disappointed, I shlumped back to the office. feeling like a total mooser. ;) When I got back to the office I checked the post again...and noticed that in big bold letters it said MONDAY.

That's when I knew for sure that it was Tuesday. Le moo.

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