Today I dressed as a disgruntled employee with a head cold. Hey, it was the only costume I had in the closet this morning as the Princess and Media Whore outfits are at the cleaners. ;)
Despite being surrounded by bite-sized chocolate treats and a list of things to do that is becoming longer than Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, I'm being hammered by a need to stay at the computer and get words out onto the page before they fade away.

This is good. And bad. It's good because I'm able to finally write something that flows so freely it scares me at times, and bad because I'm ignoring everything else in the process. Including Zaphod and the DH. :(

And, dang blast it, Nano starts, like, tomorrow! Not that it's going to be a problem to accomplish (she says with an air of confidence that could pass for gas), it's just that I always seem to pile on the things to do once Halloween hits.

Is it just my type-A way of ensuring that 2007 is a year when everything gets done? Heck, that hasn't happened for me in four decades, but you never know. Maybe with age comes the power to tackle the unfinished...

Now that would be scary.

So while I go add another 186 things to my to-do list, I leave you with Otis, Joanne's cat, all decked out for his birthday, which happens to be today.

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