Yes, I know, I've been blogging with the regularity of someone who doesn't eat any fibre. My apologies. I've gotten way too caught up in my to-dos and find that my time spent on the computer has been surprisingly more effective than usual.

Yeah, I've been offline. A lot.

And I've also been feeling kind of stumped about what to write about on this blog. Sure, I can whine and complain about reality TV programming until the cows come home, but that might drive even someone like me crazy after a while.

Of course, it's my blog, so I can do whatever I want, right? Mwahahaha...

Seriously though, I'm sick of winter. And I really don't understand why Canadians even bother with Groundhog Day, since it'll be a total weather freakout if winter ever ends before April gets here.

Normally we celebrate April with one last snowstorm. Good times.

Being a writer, I could run off to a small tropical island and simply live life on the beach, coating myself with SPF 3000 sunblock and eating a lot of mangoes and coconuts. But I'm sure I'd find something to whine about there too. Like how the cabana boys are just too darn good looking and how my skin keeps falling off with the third-degree sunburns I keep on getting. LOL

I guess I could do something totally outrageous and try enjoying winter.

As if...

How about you? What's your secret to dealing with wintry weather?