I had received a slow cooker for Christmas and decided to use it yesterday. Yes, I am fearful of trying new things. Sue me.

So I perused the accompanying recipe book and found a nice low fat beef stew recipe. Of course, I presented it to my husband as a regular beef stew recipe so he'd actually come home for dinner and not claim to be in a fatal car accident or a victim of a kidnapping. I learned my lesson with the whole "calorie wise" dressing fiasco of 1992.

So yesterday morning I put all the ingredients into said slow cooker and did the whole "set it and forget it" thing.

Except I couldn't forget it; the entire house reeked of onions by about 10:30 am. And this puppy still had about 8 hours to go before dinner. Let's just say I spent a good chunk of the day gardening, resulting in a not-so-good WIP day. Boo hoo.

Today, the house doesn't seem to stink quite as much until I go outside and come back in. I think I'll cook up something laden with garlic tomorrow to eliminate the onion smell.

Did I mention how fabulous the stew was?