While out with some fabulous fellow Write-Ons, we ventured into an office supply store where I made a purchase that would change my life: a paper shredder. For only $19.99.

Unless you own one, you just can't begin to understand the power it wields. Let me try to explain:

Torn are the overwhelming Visa statements of the past
Destroyed are the letters from lovers who didn't last
Shredded beyond recognition are pay stubs and bills
And rejection letters from editors for a few thrills.

What remains are strips of paper, some colourful, some white
Some word shards like "tat" or "cco" showing in the light
The joy the shredder brings me makes me start to perspire
And now I have a ton of kindling for my next campfire.

Seriously people, you need a shredder. Well, maybe not so much if you have small children running about. But even without the whole threat of identity theft out there, it's a lot more satisfying than simply tearing a rejection letter in two.