Received a call this evening from the Comedy Network. Apparently I am a contender and should have received a call at least a week ago to let me know that I had been selected to be a contestant on You Bet Your Ass. My episode tapes this coming Friday.

Yes, during the week I have to finish the short screenplay, meet with a potential client about copywriting work, spend a day proofing for another client and get a bunch more done on the WIP. Lucky me! I'll post the air dates as soon as I know when they are. Probably in a month or two.

Still no word on the grocery store shopper role, either way it shoots on Wednesday night. So with it being this week, I'm probably going to get a call to be in it just because the gods don't feel I have enough going on right now. ;)

I also enjoyed two movies this weekend, here are my very quick reviews:

Loved it! Four out of four tires. Made me laugh, made me feel sad and made me cheer for the lessons learned by my new four-wheeled friends. Oh, to be six again. Straightforward story with the expected Disney ending, but I expected it so that's fine by me.

The Devil Wears Prada
Three out of four handbags. SPOILER ALERT read the book and actually enjoyed the movie, despite the redeeming qualities given to the editor in question and an entirely different ending. Felt a strong urge to shop once the credits started rolling. And the need to set my current wardrobe on fire. Good times.

The power went out for about an hour tonight, right when I was chopping vegetables. Once the lights came back on, I was relieved to discover I still have all my fingers.

Okay, must sleep and dream of pop culture trivia answers. Good thing I watched that episode of You Bet Your Ass the other day so I know what to expect.