While all of my American friends are stuffing themselves full of turkey, I thought I'd take a moment to share a few of the things I'm truly thankful for:

1. Finding my soulmate. I'm a very lucky woman to share my life with a man who is just as weird as I am, can cook a mean grilled cheese sandwich and knows to leave the vicinity when I'm "focused" -- his term for when I've turned into a possessed Linda Blair at the computer.

2. Awesome parents. They have done so much for me and, as an only child can do so well, I totally took it for granted. As I get older (in my mind I'm about 23 now) I've come to realize that I had it pretty darn good: support, love, a stable diet including all food groups and a sense that I was special -- in a good way.

3. Great friends. The ones who understand if I don't call for months at a time because I'm a loser. The ones who don't mock me because I'm still living in the 80s. These people are the siblings I've always wanted, even when they're being freaky-weird or telling me I'm wearing my ugly pants again.

4. Finding work that I love. This is something I wish for everyone because life is too darn short to hate your job. Do everything you can to figure out what work you can get excited about every day and do it. Start today. Tomorrow at the latest.

5. Being Canadian. We've got it pretty darn good up here. And I just love the free healthcare. After watching Shut Up and Sing, I realized how tolerant our big-hearted country can be. Not that the U.S. isn't a cool place, I just prefer to be on this side of the border. With my passport in case I want to visit.

6. Puppies. There may be a lot of things in the world that need improvement, but nothing lifts my spirits more than cute little puppies. In television commercials. Walking down the street. On greeting cards. When someone is driving you crazy, just pretend they're holding a puppy. Then take it away from them and run as fast as you can. ;)

There are oodles more, but I'll leave it at that. What are you thankful for?