Nah, I don't wanna know who's there. The weekend was far too busy for me with projects, visits to friends and family as well as attending a visitation for one friend's late father.

He was an awesome man, he even taught his grandson how to do some pretty cool magic tricks that his own grandfather taught him. The fact that the grandson in question bears a striking resemblance to Harry Potter is just a coincidence, so the family assures me.

This is when I become overwhelmed with thoughts of mortality and how much stuff there is to do before I go to that karaoke bar in the sky. (One person's heaven is another person's hell, always remember that.) Then I wonder if I have taken on too many things and will only end up accomplishing only the first few steps of a lot of things but never finishing the ones that really count?

Then again, which ones are the ones that really count?

See what I mean? It's a big stinkin' mess.

Good news is that the WIP is still being worked on. By me. I had a slow start but am now feeling that my self-imposed deadline of March 1 is totally doable. As long as there is enough Diet Coke in the house.

And for those of you addicted to Meg Cabot's blog as much as I am, I am stunned that she is no longer able to eat or drink anything containing aspartame (it causes migraines for her). As a diabetic, I can think of no other banned substance that could be worse. While Meg had her Tab, I have a blissful relationship with Diet Coke. The customer service reps down in Atlanta know me by name because if there's something wrong with my stock, I'm gonna raise a stink about it.

I've had stuff that's gone off, cans partially filled. cans containing only soda water, cans where the pull tab area was not partially cut (making the can impossible to open) and my favourite, the lack of a tab to pull on in the first place. I also consider myself to be an expert in getting the stuff out of a disagreeable can. (Think Mamma Bear and her cub.)

It's not a pretty sight, but neither am I when I've been without my DC for more than five hours.

It's not an addiction I'm embarrassed about due to the availability of the product. It's not like I have to hang out at street corners or flop houses on the wrong side of town to get my fix. Heck, most grocery stores are now open 24/7, so my access is unlimited. Especially when I have some coupons!

Do you have a food or drink or gadget that you can't live without? The confessional is now open.