MTV has picked up my stapler song! Joking.

First, I have achieved my goal #2 for 2007 after only 24 days! Here's the list if you need to see the whole thing, but the goal in question was:

2. Add another magazine column to my roster.

You're talking to the new columnist for The Driver Magazine! I just received the contract today and I am very excited. I can't disclose all the deets until the first column is printed, but I'll be sure to convince you all to get a subscription by then.

It was something I pitched to them in December, and I was quite surprised to hear back from them so quickly. Must have been the free mustard coupons I attached to my email. ;)

And in other "when it rains, carry an umbrella" news:

You're also talking to the new managing editor of! We'll be relaunching the site on March 1, so I'm very excited and tend to twitch every time I look at the calendar, but the feeling should only get worse as each day passes.

Now if I could only get the edits on that darn book done. But it's totally doable. I mean, there are still 341 days left in 2007.

What's that, you say? My deadline for the book revisions is actually February 18?

Oh, I could have sworn I was using my inside voice when I said that. Rats.