After attending a very inspiring workshop held by the Toronto Romance Writers, I raced home and typed until my fingers froze up, adding 20 more pages to the RIP. Yes, I'm now calling the the RIP, for Revision In Progress, because this book is killing me. In a good way though.

So I'm taking the easy way out and reporting on what's going on out there in the blog world. Hopefully you haven't been to them already or else this is old news.

Lee is going to kill me in his current work, The Enemy Within. bobborama won a Bloggy award. Kalbyzan has been other-blogging too much and has a shiny new idea. Sara discusses a numbers game. Michelle Rowen is letting Sarah Dearly have a blog of her own! And S William talks about the toughest lesson we need to learn: writing is rewriting.

Hey, if you have me linked and I haven't returned the favour, or you'd like to swap links, post a comment and my people will get in touch with your people.

Happy reading!