Okay, I've been totally lame about posting this week and I apologize.

We had a little computer trouble over here at Casa Staring (also known as WTF?), so that meant that Bonnie had to be heavily medicated (my files! my files!) and sent to the other not-connected-to-the-Internet computer in the spare bedroom.

I was actually planning to do more writing on that old Mac since the only thing to distract me was a 1998 version of Snood. Too bad the freaking "e" doesn't work on the keyboard.

Seriously. I brought up my WIP on a CD and was ready to rock the page count. Ideas buzzed around my head like flies as if I suddenly became one of those unfortunate children you can adopt for less than a dollar a day. I waited the full 20 seconds for the machine to boot up (it has Word and Snood on it, and not much else), opened the file and started typing away.

That's when I noticed all the red lines under words like "th," "stor," "bliv" and other odd combinations of consonants and vowels that should have read "the,", "store" and "believe." Did I mention that my main character's name is Jewel? Great.

So I did what any writer would do: hit the key harder. No such luck. So I picked up the keyboard and shook it, thinking that perhaps a bit of an Oreo or cheezie got stuck in the works. Nothing fell out and I tried the key again. "Chzi" was the result.

That's when I realized you don't need the "e" key to play Snood. And now it's Thursday. ;)

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