It just occurred to me that I've almost let the month of May roll on by without giving it a word of thanks or even encouragement so that it will return again next year.

Of course, May brought some situations and moments I can't wait to forget , but the scars will eventually fade and a lesson may finally sink into my head. Well, maybe.

Ode to May

Thanks for the all glorious sun
And the occasional downpour
When the hail banged on the roof
I couldn't hear the DH's snore

And the elderly neighbour's cat
Enjoyed one wild last hurrah
Scaring the blessed bejesus
Out of two holy mamas

A Latina drag queen won ANTM
Jack Bauer is again on the run
And American Idol proved
You don't need good pitch to have fun

The muse has been more than fickle
And my writer's block, a curse
But thankfully my mum-in-law
Is a fully trained nurse

Hat's off to the month of May!