While most writers, including myself, love to procrastinate (see what Amy was doing instead of writing last week), I'm amazed at how quick I am to get all snippy when editors take for-e-ver to get back to me on article queries, submissions and publication dates.

Part of me knows that all good things take time, but when an article I submitted last October has yet to hit the pages -- and a few friends even subscribed so that they would see my soon-to-be-released article -- it makes me a little...crazy.

Okay, annoyed might be a better word. ;)

This might be because this is the biggest (circulation-wise) magazine in which my work will appear. For me, that's a big deal. A bunch of people will see my work. It will probably change my life. Or not.

I think I may have put too much importance on this one magazine article, feeling that, once it appears, this will pave the way for me onto the contributors' lists for other national publications.

As if submitting regular queries and producing great work for smaller magazines wouldn't do that for me too. ;) And that's what it really boils down to: doing the work instead of waiting for the work to come to me. It just doesn't happen that way...unless you're a celebrity.

The funny thing is, a few of my comedy school comrades (there is such a place, click here) have approached me about what it takes to get a book deal and an advance before you actually write the book. My response: if I knew that, I'd write a book about it -- and then sell you a copy.

Heck, maybe I will write that book. I know there's a market for it. ;)