I haven't been working on my blog-posting skills and this week will see this trend continue.

Why? Because I've been called to the Bat Cave to get the last round of edits done on H&B so that I can finally start shopping it around. It's a very exciting time! I've cleared off the calendar, purchased vast quantities of Diet Coke...and non-messy snack foods since I'll be dealing with hard copy and no one likes it when things get sticky. Especially if a red pen is involved.

So I'm not gonna be posting anything for the rest of the week. I know, it's like I've turned 40 and suddenly I'm focused on important things like finishing this damn novel, which was supposed to have been completed last summer. Le sigh.

Just think, over the past year alone tons of writers out there have polished off oodles of books. And sold them! Hard-working zealots. It's as if they actually make time to write or something.


I guess I should take my lesson from them and step out of the running to be Canada's Next Top Procrastinator...but I really wanted to get that Lazy Boy furniture set and the editorial spread in Slouch magazine.

There's always next year. ;)

To my American friends, have a great Independence Day! See you next week!