No matter how much I tell myself what a waste of time it is, I still find myself caught in the act of seeking perfection in something.

It could be an article I'm working on, an assignment for an online class or even a pair of black pants that make me feel like I'm a single-digit size -- I'll find myself trapped in the evil perfectionist clutches and lose all sense of objectivity...and even forget to check if the label says "dry clean only."

And that's EXACTLY why it's taken me so darn long to do the revisions on H&B. I know it's not perfect and I know full well that there'll be at least a few requests for revisions in some shape or form, hopefully with chocolate attached.

So instead of wigging out on myself for wasting so much time in tweaking every last word of the multiple projects on my plate, I phoned James. Surely a man who'd just had a successful heart transplant would have something to say about the pursuit of perfection.

He laughed. "I get a new heart, my kidneys fail. They put me on dialysis and I run out of energy. They let me rest and I get a blot clot. They remove the blood clot and I'm back to bedrest again. Can't wait for the next phase, it might involve tai chi."

Even worse, theyre trying to feed him the menu choices for diabetics.

"As if surviving a heart transplant wasn't enough," he muttered. "Now I understand why you think Diet Coke is so tasty."

And that just makes me want to open another can, but it's 1:00 in the morning so I won't. ;)