Yesterday I found myself doing laundry, sorting through my coupon file and making broccoli soup from scratch. It must mean that I'm progressing too quickly for subconscious to handle.

After a good start and a nice bout of Sunday sleeping-in, I raced (okay, meandered) over to the keyboard and continued entering the H&B changes. While my goal for the day was to hit page 200, I felt completely tapped out by page 193. Not too shabby, I thought at around 3:00 p.m. as I took a " wee break."

That's when I discovered all of these things that I wanted to do. Never before had laundry seemed so appealing. Homemade soup with fresh Ontario produce? Yummy! Catching about four episodes of Design Superstar Challenge? Why not? I could always claim this as research for my next novel...

I think I know what triggered this bout of non-writingness: my query letter. Here's my first draft:

Dear agent,

Please represent me. I have a good book, which took me forever to write. It's
just like Harry Potter...except without the wizards, school and Alan Rickman. Oh,
that's the movie version. Well, you know what I mean.

I ran my manuscript through spellcheck and there are hardly any typos. And
the ones left in I'm keeping for dramatic effect. Oh, did I mention this is a
chick-lit novel? Some parts are even funny. My girlfriend really likes it and
she hates just about everything else out there.



P.S. I also have a blog.

Okay, it might need a little bit of tweaking, though I am tempted to keep the Harry Potter line in.

I'm kidding. For now.