Here it is Wednesday already and I haven't posted a thing yet this week. Bad blogger!

Truth be told, I've been multitasking. Not very well, mind you, but an earnest attempt is being made. Writing. Kitten loving. Billing. Kitten feeding. Editing. Checking on Zaphod to make sure he's still breathing...just in case.

Yeah, I'm a mess. He's so cute and I've totally fallen under his purring spell. Hours that used to be spent watching horrible television programs are now spent entertaining a kitten with the horrible TV shows playing in the background. Or soothing music. He seems to like jazz. I'll wait a bit before I introduce any retro 80s stuff--Prince might overwhelm him.

And it is true. The publication of my long-awaited article has not changed my life. It appears that I still have to work hard at my words, submit queries and meet deadlines. Sigh. And there I was thinking that everything would fall into place once I finished the manuscript...or found a nice pair of black pants...or found those cute little shoes I coveted way back in April on sale.

All this hanging with a 9-ounce bundle of fur has made me rethink some things. As if I needed to do any more of that, I know. ;) But sometimes we get so tied up in crossing things off our to-do lists, we lose track of what it is that we really want to do as opposed to what we have to do.

Oh, but this is getting way too serious, so here are some more Zaphod photos:

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