I almost forgot that a new month started today until I received a call from my dentist about an appointment that I didn't seem to have in my calendar. Because I was still in July, like a cavity-prone doofus. Wow, what happened to the first seven months of the year?

Seven months. Doesn't that sound like oodles of time to get stuff done?

Let's take a look at my list of goals for 2007 and see how I'm doing:

GOAL: Revise Suds and start shopping it around. (Land an agent and selling the book are on the list too, but first things first, okay?)
STATUS: Completed July 30, 2007. Now referred to as H&B, I have made contact with one agent in the pursuit of representation and publication.

GOAL: Add another magazine column to my roster.
STATUS: Completed January 24, 2007. (Oh yeah, I rock!)

GOAL: Submit one magazine article query letter a week. (I was able to do this for five months last year, let's try it for all 12 this time!)
STATUS: Completed to date. 33 queries sent out so far this year, so I'm just a smidgen over target.

GOAL: Find a writing group that works for me.
STATUS: Incomplete. One attempt made, but I felt too stressed to continue. Maybe next year. ;)

GOAL: Less TV and more living.
STATUS: Incomplete. Still working on that.

GOAL: Write another book or two (I have the ideas, just need to get them out of my head).
STATUS: Incomplete. Check back with me in December on that one.

GOAL: Win some fabulous contests.
STATUS: Complete but keep the wins coming! I won a 42" TV, gift certificates and a bunch of other stuff so far this year.

GOAL: Travel more.
STATUS: Completed. NYC with Michelle in May. Planning to hit RWA Nationals in San Fran next year too. Oh, but that's next year...never mind.

GOAL: Try new things.
STATUS: Completed. Test the Nation: Mind Your Language. Ziplining and rappelling. Actually sending out a query for my book instead of just talking about it.

GOAL: Eat more veggies - except the evil ones.
STATUS: Completed and have the scars to prove it.

Heck, I'm not doing too bad! Looks like I have lots of time to work on those five gazillion books. ;) Maybe I'll treat myself to another holiday before the end of the year...or just have a nap.